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Meredith Brower, photographer and graphic designer, is owner/operator of Meredith Brower Photography and founder/director of the Firefly Yoga Festival. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography.

Brower describes herself as someone who "usually plays it safe". But when her own circumstances led her to a place of deep introspection, she knew it was time to take the risk and let her photography light shine. Like a firefly, she felt the light growing stronger the more she envisioned herself creating great imagery and making connections with her community. By letting her "inner fire fly", meredith has since created a 2017 yoga calendar, founded the Firefly Yoga Festival, opened a photography studio on Spring Street in Newport, RI, created a barn studio in Tiverton, RI, and has launched a series of Mandala Note Cards.

Meredith's work is inspired by the quiet countryside and beautiful light in Tiverton, RI, where she grew up and gratefully lives today with her mom, dog Blackjack and kitty Babushka.

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